Nowadays, AR functionalities are becoming more and more important and useful in our daily tasks, e.g.:

- to help firefighters plan and organize their resources in a crisis;

- to provide remote assistance in a machine repair.

With that in mind, our project proposal was focused on the challenges of:

  • - Virtual object manipulation

  • - Collaboration in augmented reality environments

  • - Different interaction techniques and devices


In order to show and test all the available features, we created an augmented reality game, where multiple users can help each other to build cars and racetracks and then use them to race, having 3 main functionalities:

- Car assembly - The user will be able to assemble a car, using Lego-like pieces, in a layer-by-layer process

- Racetrack construction - Multiple users can collaborate in building a closed-circuit racetrack, piece by piece, using the provided road piece models.)

- Race - Multiple users can use their cars to compete in a race in their constructed racetracks.

Main features

Augmented Reality

Interact with virtual objects integrated in your reality


Interact with other users in the same environment

Several Platforms

Available in Android devices and HTC Vive Pro


Besides your device of choice, all you need is a paper marker and a shared network to enjoy our project

Meet the team

We are group of students from DETI (Departamento de Eletrónica, Telecomunicações e Informática) of University of Aveiro.

Miguel Neves
Team Leader

MEC: 67453
email: miguelneves@ua.pt

André Santos
Documentation Manager

MEC: 84816
email: andrembs@ua.pt

Inês Justo
Infrastructure Manager

MEC: 84804
email: inesjusto@ua.pt

Raquel Rainho
Infrastructure Manager

MEC: 84891
email: raquel.a.rainho@ua.pt

Rafael Maio
Infrastructure Manager

MEC: 84909
email: rafael.maio@ua.pt

Dany Costa
Infrastructure Manager

MEC: 85097
email: dany.c23@ua.pt

Paulo Dias

email: paulo.dias@ua.pt

Bernardo Marques

email: bernardo.marques@ua.pt

João Alves

email: jbga@ua.pt