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What is VisualSupport?

VisualSupport is a project to be implemented inside classrooms. It captures the classroom's board and displays it in a mobile device, allowing students with low vision to see what's happening on the board. You can read about it in the client area.

Who's it aimed for?

Our project is aimed to help students with severe visual impairments, you can find more about it in the personas & goals section.

How can I use it?

We have developed an user manual to demonstrate how to use our system, you can consult it in the manual area.

What are the specifications of this system?

If you're interested in understanding the workings of our system, check out our specification area.

Is this solution compliant with the problem?

We made a few usability tests with visually impaired students, you can read it at test and validation.

If I were to join the team, how could I easily jump in development?

We've documented some of the most important aspects of development in our development area

Who's developing VisualSupport?

You can read more about the team and our progress on the team section.